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Fri Mar 25 12:22:45 EST 2005

OK, I'll give you guys the fact that the Buzzcocks, Stranglers, and others 
were around early on too, and may also have developed the punk sound. But the 
Ramones pretty much defined the sound of punk, and still do to this day, even 
though they looked the opposite in some ways (and they're not the only punks to 
have long hair--Iggy and even Mick Jones had it at one time). It's funny, 
'cause in interviews the Ramones said they were influenced by classic rock (WHo, 
Stones, Beatles) but were just stripping it down and playing louder. They also 
defined the DIY ethic of punk, which says that it doesn't matter what you look 
or sound like, as long as you're being individual and original. Check out 
California's Minutemen (early to mid-80s) for the ultimate DIY 
punk/jazz/rock/folk/funk/blues band!
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