[kj] Echo and the Bunnymen

Marcos Santiago marcossantiago99 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 09:13:32 EST 2005

hey tin...pity that you arrived too late to the date..
i tell you echo and the bunnymen is one of the
greatest ever ever band coming from liverpool...

go to amazon and buy the box set 4 disc of echo..with
b-sides, rarities and demos..there you will find a
long long version of KILLING MOON ...that really will
kill you...

cheers from venezuela..Maurice

--- Tinsoldier645527 at aol.com wrote:
> has anyone heard killing moon by these guys?it
> totally rocks!!!i havent  
> really been into eighties music until recently,after
> starting to listen to KJ's  
> earlier stuff(and watching Donnie Darko
> repeatedly).But Echo and the Bunnymen  
> just totally blew me away,they remind of REM in a
> strange way,i just can't 
> think  why
> Look at the controller,Nazi,with a social degree,
> Middle-class  hero,rapist,with your eyes on me.
> You pay some masturbation,the Priest cheers  for the
> nuns you fuck!
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