[kj] Post Punk

Jiri unspeakable at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 25 11:37:44 EST 2005

Like other cycles in Nature, there are inevitable cycles in the 
Gathering, such as the seasonal emergence of the punk debate!

Although it's always the same, it's never quite the same, and I must 
confess I usually find it good fun to see everyone stake their claims.

iPat wrote:

>now now Glen, the manchester scene pre dated the london scene and
>bands like the buzzcocks and slaughter of the dogs were creating their
>sound before they even heard of the Ramones.
>This discussion of post punk just goes to show that people have
>entered whatever scene you consider it to be in different directions.
>On this list we see KJ fans who either lean towards dub or maybe
>towards metal. I personally cant get the metal bit as it was never
>part of my make up.
>the fact that we know some people come in with the 'ramones are it'
>barcode stitched into their skin means that its always going to crop
>up as a larf.
>>Sorry--they single-handedly created the sound of punk. They were playing in
>>74, before most "punk" bands. 

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