[kj] Post punk?

Dave Noonan noonan.hq at ntlworld.com
Thu Mar 24 12:55:10 EST 2005

Post punk is another one of those media instigated banners that allows them
to economically chop up the music scene into bite sized couplets, what a
relief it was when bands (such as KJ/Pil/The Clash) started to break out of
their allotted areas into dance/metal/dub... (hence the reason so many
people seem to have strong dub tendencies in their musical tastes on this
list)etc...which also confused the media into a panic of...¹well what are
they?¹...I guess in my mind post punk is virtually everything after the
summer of Œ77 up until the very early eighties, I would include all the
usual suspects Joy Division/Magazine/Wire/New Order/KJ/PiL/Siouxsie/The
Fall/UK Decay/Chameleons/Teardrop Explodes/The Bunnymen/ACR et al but when
do you stop? ­ I think it was a term coined with little thought to when it
might end (despite the name) ­ maybe it was anticipated as another magnesium
flash - as punk was...

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