[kj] Last from me on this subject

Alexi Hamilton alexih at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 19 21:00:27 EST 2005

    Paul, this little statement kinda made me spit coffee out my nose 
laughing.  Thank you.  And Alex, I'm not going anywhere.  I was just 
momentarily dreaming of a place where fans could keep informed about KJ and 
their endeavours without having to put up with hitting delete at least 20 
times a day or be bombarded with seeing your friends get into childish 
arguments with class clowns.   We take the good with the bad, I suppose.  
Anyway.  I can't leave here.  Its my home since '96ish..  I've seen worse (I 
think...I'm really not sure anymore).

...back to the delete key.

look at it this way: if a group of friends who all liked KJ were down
the pub (prop. A. Misera - bloody nice bloke with a fine knowledge of
german beers), and one was a special needs child who couldn't speak
english properly and keeps dribbling his shandy, spitting crisps
everywhere and insulting people every time they open their mouths, and
said retard was banned from the pub next door, wouldn't they all just
go next door?

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