[kj] Pantheism v. theism?(Match postponed)

ade ade at the-lab.zetnet.co.uk
Wed Mar 16 17:12:58 EST 2005

>I do believe that if people draw strength and comfort from religion then no
>one has the right to criticise that providing those beliefs aren't
>detrimental to others.
>Same as no Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or whatever has the right to
>criticise not only each others views but those without belief as well.

Phatz, fair comment & I agree in principle. Also, the bit about us all being
animals - excellent stuff. Animals above their station!

I look at it this way: us humans would find something to fight about, on any
scale, even if Phatzterz comments were reality! Religions, etc, just give
people reasons to have a go at each other (no matter the education that (at
the very least) The Big Three attempt to provide/instil).

So, although we can often see ways of making things better, much of it is

Don't get me wrong: I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to
make things better - I think it's the only way. But if I've learnt anything
from history, it's that there seems to be a continual & varying amount of
conflict. I guess one mans meat is another mans poison & all that. Maybe
the human ability to think & question is to blame!


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