[kj] OT Cocteaus over before it (re)started

Christof hamille wessidetempest at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 15 09:24:45 EST 2005

Oh man this is bad.  That is probably the #1 reason why my wife wanted to go 
and why we are going.  I am for Gang of Four.  They cancelled all of their 
live dates.  I wonder what is up

I still think Killing Joke should and could do it


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>I heard recently that Robin used to beat Liz.
>Dunno how true that is.
>Just checking out Robin Guthrie's Violet Indiana & downloaded some of the
>Didn¹t know he was up to anything - they¹re a bit good....
>On 15/3/05 7:26 am, "Wittz" wrote:
> > From http://www.cocteautwins.com/html/news.html
> >
> > It is with deep regret that we confirm the news that Cocteau Twins, at 
> > request of vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, have cancelled the planned reunion
> > performance at this year's Coachella Festival on 30 April. No future 
>plans for
> > any reunion are currently being made. Our sincere thanks and apologies 
>to all
> > the fans and media who wrote to us expressing your enthusiasm and 
> > Brian.
> >
> >
> >
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