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For those of you who are anti-Martin Atkins...please move along...nothing to see here.   For those who are interested in what Pigface is doing, please check this out:
Pigface is out on tour again-and this time the ticket price has been radically lowered for this tour- essentially it is free- you get merchandise vouchers for cds and tshirts once you get into the show - and there is a TON of cool stuff to buy.  The merch table is an impressive display to be sure.
Siebold from Hate Dept is on guitar, Charles Levi from Thrill Kill Kult is on bass - so that along with Martin on drums is enough to hook me, but there are loads of other people involved like En Esch too.  I've seen him in previous Pigface shows and he always makes a great contribution.  
Sadly no, Chris Connelly is not touring due to illness, but I expect there may a Damage Manual song or two worked into the set.

Oh - and if you like tattoos and such, Th'Enigma will be appearing on this tour too. So spread the word to any of your ink inclined friends.

The details for tour dates and the ticket vouchers are all explained here: http://www.undergroundinc.com/freetour.html

Check it out.
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