[kj] Gigs, less violent...?

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Indeed....I can only say that the most violent action seen at The
Sunshine Rooms in Margate circa 76, 77 was my vomiting outside after the
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I thought gigs had definitely got less violent until I went to see the
Pistols at the Palace - 30,000 (or so...) cider punks completely
wankered going utterly berserk - I nearly lost a leg in the fray! Sadly
on Thursday I was practising my knit one purl one...as you lot had
selfishly filled the pit.  Oh and special thanks to the security guard
for reminding me to sit down over 20 times before finally realising that
it wasn't Westlife we were watching - and one of the beer throwers could
have been my brother who misjudged his step calculation while carrying a
heavy load, but we were at the back and definitely not within tipping
distance of the band. Someone mentioned the Meteors - by far and away
the most threatening audience I have been in & seeing the singer leap
into the audience with a baseball bat to restore calm???!!! I found out
why they called it 'Psychobilly'. 

Big Dave
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