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[in best Papa Lazarus voice]
Hello Dave.

You¹re my wife now.... =:¬)

On 2/3/05 1:39 pm, "David Schofield" wrote:

> Hello all,
> This is my first posting to the gathering, so be easy on me ;)
> I must start by stating that I¹m not a big KJ fan, but my wife is (hello
> Chris!) and as a result I have had a fair bit of exposure to the music. There
> are some songs I like, and I can appreciate the influence of KJ on bands that
> I do like. Also, there are some songs (and at least one album) that I don¹t
> like. I have seen them before a couple of times back in the mid 90s and
> enjoyed it, but couldn¹t make the 2003 gigs due to work. However, Mrs S
> persuaded me to stump up the readies for a weekend in London for the
> anniversary showsŠ.
> Thursday.
> Started off with a couple of pints of murky cider in the Goldhawk tavern. We
> didn¹t talk to anyone in there, but we were stood near the bar looking to see
> if we recognized anyone from the various posted photos and trying to rembember
> faces to put names to when the photos of the evening appeared ;)
> Left at 7:45ish and had a wander down to the Empire to gawp at Alex. Remember
> being vaguely disappointed that hes middle aged (last and only photo I saw of
> him was probably 20 years old!). After another couple of pints and deciding
> that dub is among the great under-rated musical genres, Alex went off and KJ
> appeared.
> By this time I was really up for it, and for the first couple of songs I was
> dancing along with the best of them. But then it all went downhill. I don¹t
> know if its because we were stood less than 6 foot from the speaker stack to
> stage right, but the sound was atrocious. Apart from Asteroid and Requiem, I
> didn¹t recognize another song ­ mainly because every one sounded exactly the
> same. I have never heard the sound so bad at a gig before and I have never
> been so bored at a gig before.
> Ended up having an argument with Mrs S when I stated that I really wasn¹t
> impressed with it ;(
> This left me really not looking forward to Friday night, and if it had been in
> Leeds/Sheffield or somewhere else close to home, I wouldn¹t have gone. But the
> weekend was already paid for, and after a family day in London and meeting up
> with one of the wifes old friends (Susan) I was suitably cheered up ;)
> Friday.
> Started off again in the Goldhawk tavern; again we didn¹t talk to anyone and
> neither of my companions recognized anyone from back in the day, but I did
> recognize some people from the night beforeŠ
> Wandered down to the Empire at 7:45ish again and found a space by the side of
> the bar to the left of the stage near the side steps. The view this night
> wasn¹t as good, but the sound was considerably better. I actually enjoyed
> tonight and thought it was a significantly better gig ­ even though the
> birthday cake was very cheesy (and seeing as the first song was written in 79,
> a little too late!).
> In conclusion, Thursday night was more of a poor warm-up gig for the main
> event, but Friday was good. If I had just been to Thursday, I would not be
> going back to another KJ gig, but Friday just about pulled it back enough to
> contemplate doing the return drive down to Cheltenham (depending on when it
> is), and we¹ll probably be somewhere on the next tour.
> Dave
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