[kj] OT-kentucky zombie terror

Kevin Marion kevinmarion at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 08:41:51 EST 2005

I live here in Kentucky, USA and I am not surprised by
this newsline.  This location is a Commonwealth of the
US (one of four here, it is only for namesake - it is
just like any other state here) and is dominated by
christianity.  Funny enough, it is also a location of
marijuana cultivation and neo-nazi/KKK acceptance.


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  On 2/3/05 6:54 am, "Matthew Burke" wrote:

    No relevance to the list, this is just the next
best thing to 
out the window.

    An eighteen year old in Kentucky has been arrested
and faces 2nd 
felony charges of terroristic threatening for writing
a story about 
No, I'm not kidding.  Look out George Romero . . .


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