[kj] The stupid things we do when drunk...

melinda grant hollytree1961 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 1 12:31:33 EST 2005

well u think thats bad...i was not even drunk,but had,had 10 redbulls in the 
space of 50 hours,so i could stay awake so i was talking 10 to a dozen,n 
could not understand why so many others could not keep up,so i kept having a 
go at them for being mentally slow...lol..that was at the extra party at 
hotel for jazas birthday...on a few occasions,i was just talking to any 1 
being sociable,chatting away to a few people as i came down the stairs,then 
i was walking of,n some 1 pulled me from behind,pulling at the belt on my 
coat,i went flying backwards,seething with rage,n about to punch who ever it 
was,so i turned around,n said" what the hell r u doing u  bastard,i will 
kill u"..then i looked a bit closer,n realised it was jaz,gllad it was him i 
fell into,pulled down by his arms...hope sone 1 took photo of that...i think 
he was a bit miffed as i had already ignored him by accident on 2 other 
occasions during the eve,due to my eyesight...talking away to some 1...then 
later,i just walked straight past him......i just did not see him there..n 
told him so...lol..lol..then i told him to f...off,as i thought he was some 
1 else...so no wonder he pulled me to him in that way..i did not mind 
that..lol..lol..mel...ps must not take redbull at gigs again,but it was a 

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>You think that's bad Alex, I do bad magic tricks like the disappearing leg
>trick & one with a hanky.
>I always cringe and vow never again but something just happens after lots 
>The Great Jamiesto
>On 28/2/05 11:43 pm, "Alexander Smith" wrote:
> > I do have an intensely annoying habit of adopting all stripes of
> > accents when (a) drunk
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