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Phillipps Marc Marc.Phillipps at enfield.nhs.uk
Tue Mar 1 12:15:57 EST 2005

>what tour last yr?? there was no tour in 2004,unless it was a private tour 
>exspecially for u marc.

I think Adam (he was replying to my post) was refering to the 2003 tour . . 

Strangely I was actually thinking that was last year until Sarah reminded me
. . doesn't time fly . . 

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> what tour last yr?? there was no tour in 2004,unless it was a private tour
> exspecially for u marc.
> it must of been going on in yu head mate...lol..as i herd nothing about 
> it..did any 1 else....u mean the tour of 2003/ the last tour,not the tour 
> last yr...lol..well think thats cleared up now..n btw-the gigs that i went
> to on 2003,the sound was great,which gigs were u at marc.c?? for u to of 
> been dissapionted in that way??...i do hope that if u went to the recent 
> bush gigs,that your fath was restored,if not,the dvd will bw out 1
> day-25th 
> was filmed,u will be very happy with the sound on this date,it was bloody 
> eletric.........mel
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> >I seem to remember the sound at Brixton (Extremities tour) being  pretty 
> >good
> >. .
> >
> >
> >Extremities tour seemed good soundwise. The tour last year was awful-
> >annoying and disappointing.
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