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Sun Nov 28 08:13:05 EST 2004

The woman was the receptionist for Melody Maker, not
the whole building. She was called Marcia. I got to
know her a few years later and she was able to see the
funny side of the whole incident.

The incident did not go against the 'free speech
ethic'. Melody Maker had exercised their right to free
speech. Jaz was just exercising his.

 --- "peter.west410" <peter.west410 at ntlworld.com>
> Although it was a long time ago,Some people still
> revel in the fact they
> done this,Has anybody grown older & wiser and now
> realise this is not a
> clever thing to do.
>       1.The lady who was on the receiving end was
> just the receptionist of
> the whole building,Which contained many
> companies.(Would you be happy if you
> wife/daughter /Mum went to work and this happened to
> her?)And was therefore
> just an innocent bystander
>        2.After this many reporters would nt report
> on KJ.Is this the
> reason?Would you report on a band if you knew that
> if they did nt like what
> you said then they would seek retribution?
>         3.It goes against the free speech ethic
>         4.If governments or other agencies adopted
> this practise of
> terrorising/frightening people who disagreed with
> them,would nt they be
> labelled as an oppressive regime?
>           PW
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