AW: [kj]A question about Prague

Alexandra Tolksdorf alexandra.tolksdorf at
Fri May 28 10:58:48 EDT 2004

I went there a few years ago, and what really astonished me was how
good-looking everyone was, the women giving us girls the ultimate
inferiority complex, the guys being breathtakingly handsome :-)
It's also great if you're into history, of course, it still was quite
cheap when I was there but I could imagine that has changed a bit by
How about asking Praha-Pavel, he knows best ;-)

Oh, and they know how to party, that's for sure!!!  
If I were you I'd definitely go for it.


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Betreff: [kj]A question about Prague

Does anyone know much about Prague?  My roommate(and band member) just
offered a job there. His company said they'll direct deposit his pay to
account so he'll be better off pay wise(whatever that means).

Well, what I want to know is can you go to prague for long stay(at least
year) without getting a job there?  I get dividends directly deposited
my account every 3 months so I have income that can sustain me during my
stay. If anyone can give me some info I'd appreciate it.

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