[kj] OT: SXSW!

Jester gathering@misera.net
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 22:51:05 -0600

On Mar 24, 2004, at 10:13 PM, Amy Moseley Rupp wrote:
> Well, the drummer did not have to drum on the cop's head, BUT.....

Yeah, but isnt it great. Austin pigs suck. I remember when I was in 
college it seemed like every week it changed weather you could have a 
beer on 6th or not. Ok, thats bad enough, but the bike patrol were shit 
sticks about it.

> (I spoke to someone who was in the audience at that gig)
> The pigs, erm, I mean cops, even in Austin, still are Texas cops.
> I don't know what it would take to get through their thick heads that
> we want them to enforce *our* community's standards, not Texas'.

It isnt Austins community standard anymore. The entire association that 
caused all thsi shit is from Orange Co. that want Austin to be a hip 
suburb. Austin is, after all, little silicone valley, and you have 
Michael to thank (in big part) for that. Seems like it really began to 
change in about 1990 - 1994. Seems like 1994 was when it became really 
obvious, though. I started to see a lot of clubs go, and nothing 
replacing them. What happened to Ohms, Faces, Paradise, Sneakers, 
Earls, Babes, Hole in the Wall...is Joe's Generic bar, Maggie Maes' and 
Steamboat still open?

Wait...the beginning of the end was when they covered the Armadillo 
with a parking lot. Bastards!

> But Jester, you'd've been proud of us during SXSW.  The enrollment
> surged last minute and we were overwhelmed -- I volunteered -- 55
> freakin' hours in 5 days straight.  And the volunteering continues
> when you're out and about.  We "adopted" total strangers from all
> over the world and let them stay at our houses -- both bands and
> fellow attendees/volunteers.

Dammit. If I had known I would have had a place to crash, we might have 
come down for it. ;-)

May make the trip next year. Will talk to Elana about that one. I know 
she really wants to go to it. When is Bob Marley Fest?