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Can someone please tell me how to vote for Sepultra?

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Got my vote too mate.  Congratulations on getting the nomination - that in
itself is a big deal.


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Dear Gathering Friends

As you may know, I play guitar and sing in a
Brazilian "metal" group called primal...
Our album, "coré-etuba",  released in may 2003, have been one
of the 10 albums nominated for a famous  Brazilian Music Award
called Prêmio Dynamite (Dynamite Award), we were  nominated in
the category - best "heavy metal" album of 2003 -
besides "Sepultura and Krisiun|", amongst others.

It was such a surprise for us, because we're the  only band
unsigned applying,
we don't have a record label behind us,  helping us with
distributions, merchandising and such  things....

I would like to ask for your  vote!

Since we are the one and only very very very  Killing Joke
influenced group there, hehehehe!!!

If you could help us, access the link  below...


Put your e-mail there, you'll receive an  e-mail confirmation

Then vote for primal...´s "coré-etuba" in the  category

"melhor album de heavy metal" (best heavy  metal album)

your vote can make the difference!!

Best regards and many thanks  everybody!!!!


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