[kj] OT: rip off britain?

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We live in a capitalist country(whether you like it or not),And people try
to earn as much money as they can.I find it naive that some people think
Banks ,Corporations and others are there to help us.....Don't believe their
propaganda,They take us for as much money as they can.
    Life aint fair,Get used to it.

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I wish that were true Peter.
When the US$ v £ has been at 1.8 for so long you would expect big change.But
it hasn't.
Do not forget that oil is traded in dollars. Despite the price going up in
dollar terms, the petrol prices didn't come down did they?
Anything imported into the UK in dollars should have dropped in price and
the majority of items traded to the Uk are in dollars.

The simple fact is that we Britons just pay more. We are not clever
consumers like our French and American friends. If they don't want it, they
don'y but it!

If you go to an Ikea store in Europe, you will find prices around 15-20%
cheaper. The reason, so the Ikea chief says, is that " The British pay

We're just bad consumers. We do not stand up to business. Look at the
profits of the supermarkets compared to the plight of the farmers, if we
really agve a damn we would all boycott the supermarkets, but we don't. We
are lazy and greedy so business takes advantage. A Thatcher legacy methinks.

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