[kj] Kings and F*cking Queens!

pr 001 gathering@misera.net
Fri, 30 May 2003 07:45:17 -0400

scott, would it be possible for you to just once post without mentioning 

>From: scott.lambeth@hic.gov.au
>Yeah, great to see the long awaited Knaves Mix finally break the surface
>and fall into our eager hands.  Thanks to whoever found it and made it
>Pity that it's a piece of shit.  It's an extrodinarily amateurish remix
>that's purely for the completists.  It's disjointed and poorly produced
>and, after looking for years and years for this track, ultimately bitterly
>In fact, things on the Killing Joke front aren't looking all that
>promising:  two cheesy band photos from the forthcoming album, a totally
>flaccid album cover so completely removed from "traditional" Joke imagery
>as to be laughable, and the lamentable Loose Cannon release as a single
>which will not do the band too many favours.  Implant is pretty good -
>there's some trademark Jaz Coleman anti-authority rage which, I hope, is
>more indicative of the album to come.  Let's hope Killing Joke aren't the
>new Spinal Tap.

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