[kj] loose cannon

pr 001 gathering@misera.net
Thu, 29 May 2003 05:25:41 -0400

>From: "fluw" <fluwdot@earthlink.net>
>fuckin boring marshall crunch + vocals same as demo (democracy style cookie 
>monster speak) + schzitttttttschzitttttttschzit hi hats dominating 
>everything = crap

it's a fucking DAMAGE MANUAL song. (btw, anyone in the uk able to help - was 
i dreaming or did i hear TDM's 'stateless' being played on sara cox's radio 
1 show at about ten past nine this morning?!?!). boring guitar sound yes = 
DM. hi hats ruining what little of value is there = DM. the vocals are a 
different take to the demo but still hackneyed jazisms. too many bleeps and 
tweeks and flanged farts = DM. the middle 8 
zero-distortion-almost-out-of-tune is very DM 'king mob' etc. and it's 
another poor edit when it comes in abruptly too. nice of them to let geordie 
plug his guitar in after a minute and a half but it's way too low in the mix 
= DM. it's an improvement on the demo but not much. dave grohl's hardly 
noticable - what a waste of national radio airtime. how anyone can prefer 
this to 'implant' i have no idea. imagine a casual fan who hasn't heard 
anything since DEMOCRACY - hardly gonna blow them away is it?

>but hey, something new, finally geordie proves unequivocally that jimmy 
>page was an influence, as the guitar on the bridge is an obvious rip off of 
>1990's page

we already knew that from 'sunset gun'.

>what/who do you wager is on bass blowhardess?

martin piglover.

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