[kj] Fw: ot - a loose cannon coalition to create terror

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Wed, 28 May 2003 11:34:19 +0100

How good's your French?
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> >From: "wardance" <wardance@wardance.net>
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> >LOL !! :-D
> >
> >But can anyone let me know what do the words "loose cannon" mean, exactly
> >??...
> i know antoni already answered this in terms of someone who can't keep
> mouth shut but i think it also means someone who is mentally very
> who finds it difficult to control their temper and is prone to dramatic
> swings that can lead to terribly distressing inner conflict and erratic,
> contradictory behaviour. can't think of anyone on the list who would be a
> good example of that. hmm... you fucking idiot isn't it obvious?!??!?!!
> loose cannon - a cannon that is likely to go off at the wrong time. it's
> fucking simple! what else could it fucking mean?!?! fuck me some of the
> twats we have to tolerate on this list...
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