[kj] Fw: ot - a loose cannon coalition to create terror

pr 001 gathering@misera.net
Wed, 28 May 2003 06:20:44 -0400

>From: "wardance" <wardance@wardance.net>
>LOL !! :-D
>But can anyone let me know what do the words "loose cannon" mean, exactly 

i know antoni already answered this in terms of someone who can't keep their 
mouth shut but i think it also means someone who is mentally very unstable, 
who finds it difficult to control their temper and is prone to dramatic mood 
swings that can lead to terribly distressing inner conflict and erratic, 
contradictory behaviour. can't think of anyone on the list who would be a 
good example of that. hmm... you fucking idiot isn't it obvious?!??!?!! 
loose cannon - a cannon that is likely to go off at the wrong time. it's 
fucking simple! what else could it fucking mean?!?! fuck me some of the 
twats we have to tolerate on this list...

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