[kj] OT: Are we still talking about Evanescence here?

culture.virus gathering@misera.net
Sun, 21 Dec 2003 00:35:08 -0800

At 06:52 PM 12/20/03, you wrote:
>Even I, the king of OT posts, am sick of this shit..fucking hell you two. Go
>meet in an alley some where and duke it out, or sword fight or something.

Yeah perhaps it's time to end this the old fashioned way :^)

>Culture Virus, don't call someone out, then act all offended when the return

I'm not really all that offended. I've gotten used to this particular slant 
on the list and tolerate it despite it frequent occurences. From time to 
time I do call you guys on it. This time Alex got it. But I can take being 
offended as well you guys can. BTW you haven't listened in the past either.

>Yes, you are below because you have to call up some obscure, obsolete
>term for Christian to make your defense more viable.

Is Xian really obscure to you guys? Maybe it's just that I travel in 
different circles. I spend a lot of my online time in Usenet groups that 
discuss things of a spiritual nature, so perhaps my view of common 
knowledge is different than y'alls.

>Shut the fuck up now...
>Get the joke?

I'm not sure, but truth be told I have no real interest in pursuing it 
anymore. Nor do I feel the need to be a "true believer".

>Ne Plus Ultra,
>Occisio Locatio
>The Web Master,

I am culturevirus