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Fri, 19 Dec 2003 14:22:27 +0000

Alright. As threatened, herewith THE GATHERING YEAR-END POLL FOR 2003. Most
of you know how this works, but being that there are a lot of newbies around
these days, simply Cut'n Paste the following questionaire part of this
message into a new message and answer the questions as they apply to you,
and then send them to the Gathering  (gathering@misera.net). This is not a
scientific nor deadly serious poll, so feel free to waive any questions that
you find too invasive, but by the same token -- don't be a big pussy, answer
the questions.  It's only 45 questions, and most of them are short, one or
two word answers, so keep thy whining to thyself.

1) Your Name:
Fat Jamie

2) Your Age:
33 and a half

3) Are you married and have you any children?
Yes, to Cheryl partner of 13 years, married for 5 and have a 17 month old 
daughter Abbie.

4) I live here:
Culcheth, near Warrington in the UK

5) I've been a member of the Gathering since:
I have no idea.

6) What do you want for X-mas?
just some fun

7) Your biggest extravagance of the year?
An Apple G5

8) Your biggest hopes for 2004?
To make a success of working for myself

9) What was the last album you bought,why, and how is it?:
What? BT's Emotional Technology.
Why? I love his techno stuff.
How? It's more songy but really quite good. I like.

10) Not including the new Killing Joke album, what were your top five 
favorite releases of the year?
erm... dunno.
Been a slow year for me really
Elbow Cast of thousands
Coldplay A rush of Blood ( I know I know - throw what you like ;)
Goldfrapp Black Cherry

11) What live bands have you seen recently. Did they rate?
Only saw KJ this year

12) Worst music you heard all year:
I fucking hate Busted.
They must die.

13) If I find out that the person I'm talking to is a big fan of THEMSELVES, 
lose all interest in talking to them (note: your answer need not be
restricted to music)

14) Band(s) most in need of reforming/touring/releasing new material:

15) Band(s) most in need of hanging it up and calling it a day:

16) Albums most in need of re-mastering and re-release deluxe stylee:
KJ back catalogue

17) Most overrated music of the year:
Busted (wanking tossing shit eating turd burgulars)

18) Most underrated music of the year:

19) Next to Killing Joke, my top five favorite bands/artists are:

20) Express your views on Killing Joke's presence on the Internet
Another Jaz U-Turn  =:)  "Kiss my internet goodbye" as he once proclaimed.
If it weren't for t'internet we wouldn't be here,

22) Regarding the Joke, despite all the rumormongering, I'd really like the 
following to happen:
A new album to celebrate the 25 year thing and some recognition in the press 
to services to music.
and get to go to some of these 'ceremonies'

23) Did you get to see Killing Joke on this tour? If so, briefly explain 
your reaction
Yes. fantastic, tho' not as good as some older gigs

24) What would you have rather seen on the album cover, other than the red 
Krusty Clown?
Colseys offering - When are we gonna get a glimpse, or are you saving it for 
the next one...?
You are doing the next one?

25) Favorite track on the new album:
Blood on your hands

26) Least favorite track on the new album:
loose cannon

27) Were it up to you to have chosen the first single, it would have been:
Seeing Red

28) Have you managed to see "the Year of the Devil" as yet? Your thoughts?

29) Outside of Andy Gill, who would you like to see produce the next Killing 
Joke record?

30) Killing Joke track that best sums up the world today:
Blood on yer 'ands

31) Have you bought anything from Malicious Damage yet? If not, WHAT THE

32) Goods you'd like to see made available on Mike Coles estimable site?
Lots, but if you don't see what you want, just ask.
Mike did me a bespoke poster of the cover of Pervy Pants and Pandemonium 
without the text, lovely man he is.

33) Following the 2004 Elections, I'd like to see this man in the White 

34) Do you feel 'safer' now that Saddam Hussein has been apprehended?

35) Now that he's in custody, I would handle Saddam this way:

36) Where is Osama Bin Laden:
Droitwich, under a hedge.

37) Have we seen the last of terrorism courtesy of Islamists on the
homefront (US/UK/EUR)?
Hell no

38) Do you feel prepared for another such instance?
no, just rsigned to the fact.

39) Do you think Iraq had anything to do with the events of September 11, 

40) Where were you/what were you doing on that day?
at work, someone was listening to the radio on the internet and said a plane 
had hit the tower.
We found a tv and switch on just as the second plane hit.
It still knocks me cold  when I see it.
God knows how it must feel for anyone there

41) Were you the next American president, your first act in office would be:

42) Tony Blair is a: dissapointment

43) They want replace Franklin Delano Roosevelt's face on the American Dime
with the face of Ronald Reagan. What is your reaction:

44) George W. Bush is an idiot: True or False. Explain your feeling why you
feel this way. Support your argument:

45) Under which American administration was the world/your own situation
better off: Bush's or Clinton's?
Clintons without a doubt.

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