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Fri, 19 Dec 2003 08:18:00 +1100

1) Your Name:
Scott Lambeth

2) Your Age:
36 in 3 weeks

3) Are you married and have you any children?
de factoed 16 years with 2 Dalmatians

4) I live here:
Canberra Australia

5) I've been a member of the Gathering since:

6) What do you want for X-mas?
a blowjob from one of the gals at work

7) Your biggest extravagance of the year?
flying interstate to see a band that didn't show up

8) Your biggest hopes for 2004?
I hope to get better at triathlon & reduce my golf handicap & get that

9) What was the last album you bought,why, and how is it?:
Latest Killing Joke album - it's alright

13) If I find out that the person I'm talking to is a big fan of motor
sports, religion or animal cruelty, I lose all interest in talking to them
(note: your answer need not be restricted to music)

14) Band(s) most in need of reforming/touring/releasing new material:
Faith No More

15) Band(s) most in need of hanging it up and calling it a day:
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

16) Albums most in need of re-mastering and re-release deluxe stylee:
Most KJ back-catelog

23) Did you get to see Killing Joke on this tour? If so, briefly explain
your reaction
Um, no.  Did, however, get to meet fellow Gatherer Michele - a fuckin'
great bloke

24) What would you have rather seen on the album cover, other than the red
Krusty Clown?
Anything Colesy.

25) Favorite track on the new album:

26) Least favorite track on the new album:
You'll Never Get To Me sucks dead dingos dongers

27) Were it up to you to have chosen the first single, it would have been:
Seeing Red

30) Killing Joke track that best sums up the world today:
(This is) Madness - who's truth is your truth?

31) Have you bought anything from Malicious Damage yet? If not, WHAT THE
Nope.  I'm waiting for a white t-shirt with KILLING JOKE written across the
front in the "Pandemonium" font.

32) Goods you'd like to see made available on Mike Coles estimable site?
A KILLING JOKE sticker for my car would be nice.  How about KILLING JOKE
golf balls?

36) Where is Osama Bin Laden:
He was working the door at the Metro on November 19

39) Do you think Iraq had anything to do with the events of September 11,
No one does.  Not even George W.  He knows they didn't.

43) They want replace Franklin Delano Roosevelt's face on the American Dime
with the face of Ronald Reagan. What is your reaction:
There'll be a lot of lost change...


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