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Jason Kenny dragon512 at live.com
Wed Jun 23 19:59:25 EDT 2021

Just to add to the notes here you can go to https://discord.gg/W7GFE7hF scons-help channel to get more interactive help.


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This is a Linux systems running SLES-12sp5
Yes, that is the project I’m trying to build.

The renamed pleiades_intel.py is attached

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Some baseline questions:
Which version of SCons/Python/Intel C compiler?
Which platform (distro/version)?

So you're using a newer version of Intel C than the scons logic is expecting and also installed at a different base dir.

Is this the project you're trying to build?

SCons Project Co-Manager.

On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 2:57 PM Jason Kenny <dragon512 at live.com<mailto:dragon512 at live.com>> wrote:

I believe you need to make sure you load the c++/gcc tool as well as this adds other items you need to have defined that the intelc.py tool does not handle if I recall correctly with pure SCons

You should be able to find some examples of how in Pure SCons to create the Environment correctly in the user list.

I have support for icc in my extension for Scons called Parts. In fact, I am adding support for the new icx version that should be replacing the existing/classic icc case for the next drop.


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Subject: [Scons-users] Adding support for Intel compilers

I have a user on our system whose application (ENZO-E) depends on SCons.  We have a working build that uses GNU compilers however I would like to test the code using Intel compilers as they typically provide better performance on our system.  I have already worked through some issues by modifying SCons/Tool/intelc.py so it can find our installation tree.

-            for d in glob.glob('/opt/intel/compilers_and_libraries_%s/linux'%version):

+            for d in glob.glob('/nasa/intel/Compiler/2020.4.304/compilers_and_libraries_%s/linux'%version):

I have tried duplicating the set of files used for GNU compilers (gcc.py, g++.py and gxx.py), replacing GNU compiler names with appropriate names of Intel compilers.  However, nothing I’ve tried has been able to resolve the following.

scons: *** While building `['cello.o']' from `['cello.cpp']': Don't know how to build from a source file with suffix `.cpp'.  Expected a suffix in this list: ['.c', '.m', '.i', '.fpp', '.FPP', '.I', '.f77', '.F77', '.i90', '.I90', '.f95', '.F95', '.f03', '.F03', '.f08', '.F08', '.s', '.asm', '.ASM', '.spp', '.SPP', '.sx', '.S', '.d'].

Can anyone offer some guidance on how to proceed?

Daniel Kokron
RedLine Performance Solutions
SciCon/APP group


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