[Scons-users] Get a list of emitted targets from the previous run

Erik Kazandjian erik.kazandjian at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 02:56:09 EDT 2021


In our project we have added some custom builder (with emitters and
actions) to parse yang files and generate C++ out of that. As more and more
yang files are added and getting complexer I would like to have the
possibility (with a command line option) to by pass this yang parsing in
the emitter pagase. Of course if I woud just return [], source in my
emitter all my SConscripts would see the generated targewts as empty and
create empty libraries (which gives linker issues). So my question is,
suppose I have this command line option activated, is there a way to see
which targets were emitted in the previous build so I can return them
without having to do the yang analysis.


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