[Scons-users] SCons 4.2.0 Released

Bill Deegan bill at baddogconsulting.com
Sat Jul 31 23:37:53 EDT 2021

A new SCons release, 4.2.0, is now available
on the SCons download page:


Here is a summary of the changes since 4.1.0:

NOTE: The 4.2.0 Release of SCons will deprecate Python 3.5 Support. Python
3.5 support will be dropped in the next major release.


    - Add support for the
      This will provide a path relative to the top of the build tree (where
the SConstruct is located)
      Fixes #396
    - Added --experimental flag, to enable various experimental
features/tools.  You can specify
      'all', 'none', or any combination of available experimental features.
    - Added affect_signature flag to  _concat function.  If set to False,
it will prepend and append $( and $).
      That way the various Environment variables can use that rather than
"$( _concat(...) $)".

    - Deprecate Python 3.5 as a supported version.


    - SCons now supports the command-line parameter `--hash-format` to
override the default
      hash format that SCons uses. It can also be set via
`SetOption('hash_format')`. Supported
      values are: `md5`, `sha1`, and `sha256`. For all hash formats other
      the default of `md5`, the SConsign database will include the name of
the hash format.
      For example, `--hash-format=sha256` will create a SConsign with name
    - Improve Subst()'s logic to check for proper callable function or
class's argument list.
      It will now allow callables with expected args, and any extra args as
long as they
      have default arguments. Additionally functions with no defaults for
extra arguments
      as long as they are set using functools.partial to create a new
callable which set them.
    - Internal has_key methods removed from SCons' dictionary-like objects
      SubstitutionEnvironment and OverrideEnvironment - in other words,
      an env - to match Python 3 which no longer has dict.has_key.
    - Removed long-deprecated construction variables PDFCOM,
      All have been replaced by other names since at least 1.0.
    - Added CACHEDIR_CLASS construction variable and expanded CacheDir
method args
      to support SCons invoking CacheDir derived classes for CacheDir
      Moved copy_from_cache attribute from the Environment class to
CacheDir class.
      Code contributed by MongoDB.
    - Update BuildTask to pass all targets to the progress object fixing an
      where multi-target build nodes only got the first target passed to
the progress
    - Change SConscript() missing SConscript behavior - if must_exist=False,
      the warning is suppressed.


    - The command-line parameter `--md5-chunksize` is now deprecated. Use
    - Fix Issue #3906 - `IMPLICIT_COMMAND_DEPENDENCIES` was not properly
disabled when
      set to any string value (For example ['none','false','no','off'])
      Also previously 'All' wouldn't have the desired affect.
    - DocbookXslt tool: The XSLT stylesheet file is now initialized to an
env.File() Node,
      such that dependencies work correctly in hierarchical builds (eg when
      DocbookXslt in SConscript('subdir/SConscript') context.
    - The Install builder will now set the writable mode on the file(s) it
      copies. This restores the (previously undocumented) SCons behavior
      that regressed as of 4.0.0.
    - Fix issue #3790: Generators in CPPDEFINES now have access to
populated source
      and target lists
    - Fix a potential race condition in shared cache environments where the
permissions are
      not writeable for a moment after the file has been renamed and other
builds (users) will copy
      it out of the cacheSmall reorganization of logic to copy files from
cachedir. Moved CacheDir
      writeable permission code for copy to cache behind the atomic rename
    - Fixed intermediate and and multi target nodes generated from SConf
tests not being marked
      as is_conftest().

Thanks to the following contributors listed below for their contributions
to this release.
.. code-block:: text

    git shortlog --no-merges -ns 4.1.0..HEAD
       177  William Deegan
       101  Daniel Moody
        95  Mats Wichmann
        25  Adam Gross
         4  greenbender
         4  Daniel
         4  Henrik Maier
         4  Mathew Robinson
         3  Andrew Morrow
         3  Ivan Kravets
         3  Dillan Mills
         1  WholesomeIsland
         1  dependabot[bot]
         1  djh
         1  Joseph Brill
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