[Scons-users] manipulating COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS

daggs daggs at gmx.com
Thu Jul 16 02:40:26 EDT 2020


I know I can manipulate DEFAULT_TARGETS by using the Default cmd (Default(target) adds target to DEFAULT_TARGETS and Default(None) clears DEFAULT_TARGETS)
but if COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS is set, than scons ignore DEFAULT_TARGETS and uses COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS.
my question is, is there an Default equivalent for COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS manipulation?

the reason I'm asking is that I want to implement a "target translator", e.g.
if I have three targets:
a/b/c/d, a/b/c1/d1, a/b/c2/d2
I want to be able to map a name to target, e.g.
target0 => a/b/c/d
target1 => a/b/c1/d1
target2 => a/b/c2/d2

so running scons a/b/c/d and scons target0 will have the same affect.



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