[Scons-users] MSVC is broken for x86 builds on x64 hosts

Joseph C. Brill jbrill at mindspring.com
Fri Mar 29 07:03:33 EDT 2019

Out of curiosity, can the compilers be configured correctly directly from the command line?

For example for 12 and 14.0:
	@rem 64-bit host, 32-bit target
	call YOURPATH-TO-MSVC\VC\vcvarsall x86

I once had a problem setting up cross-compiling on x86 to x64 where the MSVS/MSVC install did not correctly populate the batch file for setting up the x64 (vcvarsx86_amd64.bat) environment.  This was causing other tools to fail in a mysterious and hard to diagnose manner.  I don't exactly remember, but I think there were environment variables that were not configured correctly that caused downstream and calling batch files and scripts to result in errors.

This happened for MSVC 2005 where the x64 bit compiler was added long after the x86 compiler was installed.

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