[Scons-users] Bootstrap-scons: a zero-dependency script for bootstrapping SCons and Python on Windows

Ryan Saunders jediry at outlook.com
Tue Mar 19 02:37:31 EDT 2019

This is to announce the v1.0 release of bootstrap-scons<https://github.com/jediry/bootstrap-scons>, which I created for a personal project, and which I hope will be useful to others.
One of the hurdles to building a project with SCons on Windows is the manual effort of installing dependencies. Unlike the UNIX world, where you can just say "./configure && make" to get up and running, on Windows you typically have to manually download and install SCons, and probably also Python...kind of a lot of effort.
bootstrap-scons aims to make using SCons on Windows friction-free. This set of scripts uses only capabilities available out-of-the-box on any recent versions of Windows, to automatically locate and use any installed copies of SCons/Python, or optionally, to download them if not found.
Read more at: https://github.com/jediry/bootstrap-scons
Feedback, feature requests and bug reports welcome. (Note: while this _should_ work on versions of Windows as far back as XP, I’ve only tested it on Win10 so far…if you try it on an earlier version, please report any issues on the GitHub issue tracker.)
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