[Scons-users] managing dependencies

Arvid Rosén arvid at softube.com
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Maybe, but I certainly wouldn’t rely on that.

We do very massive builds with hundreds of targets in parallel. To avoid all targets finishing almost at the same time (competing with each other for the same limited resources), we add “fake” dependencies so to schedule the builds so that only a couple of targets can be worked on at the same time, but still 20 threads or so can be used. This is very easy to do in SCons.


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does the order of dependecy declaration affects the order?


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You specify the dependencies, SCons figures out the order.
If you need one thing to happen before another then that's a dependency you must explicitly list.


On Sun, Dec 8, 2019 at 4:49 AM daggs <daggs at gmx.com<mailto:daggs at gmx.com>> wrote:

I wanted to ask about scons dependencies management, I have a target with large number of dependencies, all the dependencies don't have dependencies of their own.
some of the dependencies take more time to generate than the other ones.
I've noticed that not all the dependencies are handled at the start (I have a print at the start of each dependency handling).
is it possible to instruct scons to give an higher priority to a specific dependency?


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