[Scons-users] Windows installer for SCons 3.0.1

Steve Hill (Wireless) Steve.Hill1 at viavisolutions.com
Mon Jun 11 03:33:24 EDT 2018

Hi Bill,

Thanks for this. It might be worth updating the downloads page with this information?

We are currently using 2.7.12 32-bit (though we also use 3.6.3 for 64-bit duties and may look forward to switching over this at some point in the future.)

The install seems to have gone well using the commands that you gave below. The only issue that I have with using PIP is that we need to support having multiple versions of SCons installed against the same python install; is this possible?

Thanks again,


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We've dropped the windows installer in favor of pip install.
Please give that a try.

Which version of Python are you planning on using it with?

I recommend running:
python -mpip install -U pip
python -mpip install scons

(To ensure you have the latest pip installed, and pip  installing scons requires a fairly recent version)


On Fri, Jun 8, 2018 at 2:06 AM, Steve Hill (Wireless) <Steve.Hill1 at viavisolutions.com<mailto:Steve.Hill1 at viavisolutions.com>> wrote:

We are planning to upgrade to MSVS2017 so we need to move to SCons 3.0.1. However, when I click on the download link for the Windows installer on https://scons.org/pages/download.html, it appears not to exist – I just get taken to a SourceForge page that offers me a .zip file. How do I go about getting a Windows installer for the latest production version of SCons?

Thanks in advance,


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