[Scons-users] include dir with scons variant_dir handling

Hua Yanghao huayanghao at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 04:06:09 EDT 2018

Dear Scons Users and Developers,
I am using scons variant_dir so all builds (including a replica of the
original file, e.g. duplicate=1 by default) output in a separate

This works out of box for C include files, which also have a nice
duplicate in the output directory (I am not using scanners so I guess
all C include files are duplicated). However now I am enabling new
customized builders, which also have a similar concept of include path
and include files, how can I achieve the same as for C code
compilation, e.g. to have include path and its files dupliated in the
output folder?

Thanks for any tips before I dive into the source code.

Best Regards,
Yanghao Hua

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