[Scons-users] Failure when linking against the output of a SCons Install

John Finlay j.finlay at indigovision.com
Tue May 16 04:33:56 EDT 2017

Hi All

We are currently trying to migrate from SCons 2.3.6 to SCons 2.5.1 but are experiencing an issue when linking against libraries created earlier in the build.

The portion of the build that is giving us an issue is structured as follows
1) Use Scons to compile a library 'build\library.lib'
2) Use Scons "Install" to copy the library from 'build\library.lib' to 'output\library.lib'
3) Use Scons to compile a exe, linking the library 'output\library.lib'

This sequence has worked fine with SCons 2.3.6 (and versions prior to that). However when using SCons 2.5.1 step 3 fails and the error given is
  fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'output\library.lib'

After the failure I can see that 'output\library.lib' exists and can be opened. Also if I re-run scons the incremental build re-runs step 3 and it succeeds.

My theory is that with SCons 2.5.1 step 3 is being started before step 2 has completed, so when the linker tries to open the library it fails as it's still being copied.

Does my theory sound like it could be true, and are we doing something fundamentally wrong by trying to linking against something that is the output of a SCons Install?


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