[Scons-users] Adding dependency on installed libs

Pawel Winogrodzki pawelwi at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 31 18:54:51 EDT 2017

Yes, I’ve checked the dependency tree and it seemed correct – the binaries, which sometimes fail to link had a dependency on the libs from the install directory.

The bad news is, that I currently don’t have a good small repro AND even after applying the patch I could still observe the issue. You can try building the IoTivity<https://github.com/iotivity/iotivity> project we’re working on with “-j” set to twice the number of your logic CPUs (or in general some larger number), because that’s how we’re getting a repro now. I’ll try to create a smaller project where this problem can be observed, but I don’t have too much time at the moment.


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Have you checked the output of scons --tree=prune to make sure the installed library shows up as a dependency as expected?
Any chance you can provide a small testcase to demonstrate?
The pattern you've described I've used many many times on multi-platform (including win32) with SCons.

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