[Scons-users] SCons.Script.GetBuildFailures not reporting BuildError raised by pseudo-builder

Vrijnsen, Jeroen jeroen.vrijnsen at philips.com
Mon Mar 6 05:51:20 EST 2017


To be more specific, I use SCons 2.3.4, and the following is a simple way to reproduce it:


import os
import SCons.Errors

env = Environment(ENV = {'PATH' : os.environ['PATH']})
env.SConscript(dirs='.', name='scons_hooks.py', exports='env', duplicate=0)

raise SCons.Errors.BuildError(errstr="RAISED MY ERROR")

import atexit
import os
import SCons.Errors
import SCons.Script
import sys

def buildFailureToString(bf):
    """Convert an element of GetBuildFailures() to a string
    in a useful way."""
    if bf is None:  # unknown targets product None in list
        return '(unknown tgt)'
    elif isinstance(bf, SCons.Errors.StopError):
        return str(bf)
    elif bf.node:
        return str(bf.node) + ': ' + bf.errstr
    elif bf.filename:
        return bf.filename + ': ' + bf.errstr
    return 'unknown failure: ' + bf.errstr

def buildStatus():
    """Convert the build status to a 2-tuple, (status, msg)."""
    bf = SCons.Script.GetBuildFailures()
    if bf:
        # bf is normally a list of build failures; if an element is None,
        # it's because of a target that scons doesn't know anything about.
        status = 1
        message = os.linesep.join(["Failed building %s" % buildFailureToString(x) for x in bf if x is not None])
        # if bf is None, the build completed successfully.
        status = 0
        message = ''

    return (status, message)

def displayBuildStatus():
    Display the build status. Called by atexit. Here you could do all kinds of complicated things.
    status, message = buildStatus()
    if status:
        print message
        print "Build FAILED!!!!"
        print "Build SUCCEEDED"

This happily prints 'succeeded', but I want it to print 'failed'... is that possible?


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