[Scons-users] More newbie questions

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Tue Jul 25 16:08:25 EDT 2017


On 25.07.2017 20:26, syost at triad.rr.com wrote:
> [...]
> If I have the SConstruct file load just the 4 or 5 SConscript files I need, it works.  If I have the SConstruct file scan the whole tree and load all 40-50 SConscript files, it will try to build my entire tree .  It will NOT just build the target.  So:
>   "scons-k -j 2 -site==blahblah --prefix=blahblah src/src/src/src"
> will NOT work unless I specifically create 4-5 SConscript() calls in the SConstruct file with exactly what my target needs.

and in the case with the 4-5 SConscript files, what happens if you run 
the same build again? Does SCons correctly report that all targets are 

For debugging, you may start by using the "--debug=explain" option when 
calling SCons. It should tell you why the targets get rebuilt...I 
suspect it has something to do with your custom Builder, triggering 
always (!) a build.

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