[Scons-users] Newbie questions

Spencer Yost syost at triad.rr.com
Fri Apr 21 16:22:19 EDT 2017

I am setting up a new development environment for work, and I am seriously looking at SCons as a replacement for our Frankenstein build system that we currently have. I like what I see so far but I'm having some trouble understanding the underlying architecture.

Note1:  I have been experimenting quite a bit, and I have read the users guide and man pages

Note 2:  I'm an experienced C and C++ developer  but I've never touched Python  before.

Note 3:  Our code base has approximately 10K-15K files, found in several hundred packages in a hierarchical reverse domain organization.  This is set up in one git repository. 

So I installed Scons on my Ubuntu laptop and SCons builds a lot of packages out of box quite nicely.

But some files and packages need to be treated specially before they can be built.   The Sconstruct  file (originally generated by SConsolidator in eclipse) appears like scons will look for sconscript files  in each individual package, but it doesn't.  Any SConscript file I place in an individual package for extra processing, does not appear to be read.   

The only way I seem to be able to build a package with an SConscript file is to also create an SConstruct file, and build using that package as my current base directory.

Am I mistaken? Should I not be able to include a separate SConscript file in each package for the individual needs of the individual package yet initiate the build from the top of the hierarchy?

Thanks in advance!

PS:  Same thing happens if I try to build from Eclipse with SConsolidator.

Spencer Yost

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