[Scons-users] Windows batch file location in 2.5.1

Rob Boehne robb at datalogics.com
Tue Apr 4 16:24:07 EDT 2017

Well, because the documented setup method is “python setup.py install”, I incorporated that into the python script we use to bootstrap.  This script is used on all platforms, and there’s not much in the way of platform-specific sections of code there.  To use a different installer I would need to do add the windows-only installer to my repository and then add windows-only code to run the installer (and not run “python setup.py install”) when it’s running under windows.

So…  Can a dev add this to the issue list?  I will look into fixing it and submit a patch.



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I'm a scons user too, and while I have not noticed problems with such installations, I have noticed that it makes a difference whether you use 'python setup.py install' in a source distribution, or use the executable scons installer. The installer still places scons batch files under Scripts and the actual scons library under Lib/site-packages, while setup.py installs it like you describe. I asked about it once on this mailing list, but this particular issue was not answered.

It caused issues for me, because in my case I had parallel installations of different scons versions. Normally this works without issues, as versioned .bat files would be installed, and the unversioned one was always the latest one. But when the unversioned one suddenly went to a different location, it is whichever version that is first in PATH that gets run (in my case the older one).

There is now a working 64 bit installer for windows on the sourceforge page, so one can always use the installer to install scons. That's what I use to make sure scons is always installed under Scripts.


On Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 8:42 PM, Rob Boehne <robb at datalogics.com<mailto:robb at datalogics.com>> wrote:
Scons users,

I recently upgraded from a paleolithic version of scons for a cross-platform build system to scons 2.5.1.
We use a virtual environment to allow us to have multiple versions of our build system, and everything is perfectly peachy except for Windows.
In the old version 0.97, scons installs scripts (batch files) under the virtual environment’s “Scripts” directory on Windows.
Scons 2.5.1 puts them in the root directory, and they fail because they don’t seem to set up the python paths correctly.  If I move those batch files from the top level down to “Scripts” they do find the paths correctly.

Because the paths don’t seem to be correct, I’m thinking these batch files are getting installed in the wrong location.  Has anyone else noticed this?


Rob Boehne

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