[Scons-users] Windows batch file location in 2.5.1

Rob Boehne robb at datalogics.com
Tue Apr 4 14:42:37 EDT 2017

Scons users,

I recently upgraded from a paleolithic version of scons for a cross-platform build system to scons 2.5.1.
We use a virtual environment to allow us to have multiple versions of our build system, and everything is perfectly peachy except for Windows.
In the old version 0.97, scons installs scripts (batch files) under the virtual environment’s “Scripts” directory on Windows.
Scons 2.5.1 puts them in the root directory, and they fail because they don’t seem to set up the python paths correctly.  If I move those batch files from the top level down to “Scripts” they do find the paths correctly.

Because the paths don’t seem to be correct, I’m thinking these batch files are getting installed in the wrong location.  Has anyone else noticed this?


Rob Boehne

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