[Scons-users] SCons Progress feature

Ivan Kravets me at ikravets.com
Fri Jul 15 07:12:18 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Could someone give me a few hints how to resolve the next task? I want to use Progress(callable) in pair with "—silent" option. The idea is to show only the files that are affected by builders.

Progress('$TARGET\r') - does it in right way. However, it prints ALL nodes not matter were they changed or not.

From the docs:
def my_progress_function(node, *args, **kw):
    print 'Evaluating node %s!' % node
Progress(my_progress_function, interval=10)

1. How can we determine which node "will be built/re-built"? Modified?
2. How to filter only source code targets (*.c, *.cpp, .S). Yes, we can use `node.path.endswith((".c", ".cpp")) and etc. Do we have something better in SCons.Node.FS.File? I've tried a few methods from API of this class but didn't find instruments to determine "$TARGET".


Currently, we own callback it prints "every node" (source code, objects, headers, toolchains, etc).

Evaluating some.h
Evaluating other.h
Evaluating /toolchain/g++
Evaluating some.o
Evaluating hello.a
Evaluating another.cpp


Would be good to show only affected TARGETS and the only that should be built. 

Thanks in advance!

- Ivan

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