[Scons-users] Is there a hidden file somewhere that can prevent files from being built?

Dan McNaul danmcnaul at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 21:49:55 EDT 2016


I have a strange problem.  I have a repository where I pull all the code out of source-control into and then build.  The repository directory is removed and recreated before pulling the code into it.  

This repository is then referenced from individual $HOME directories as we make changes.  We “freshen” the official repository as needed.

This was working fine for months.  It has stopped working in a weird way.

I can pull out the code and then build in a $HOME directory.  Scons builds all units.  No problems.  When I try to build in the “official” or “repository” area, Scons only builds a handful of units and then stops.  There are no errors and the build of these handful of units is complete.  The other units are not touched.

There must be some sort of hidden file somewhere that is causing Scons to only build the handful of units and not the entire project.  I tried the “debug=prepare” option, but it only showed the handful of units, none of the other units in the product were mentioned.

Do any of you know what file this may be and where it may be hiding?  


Dan McNaul
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