[Scons-users] set Windows environment for 32 or 64 bit x86 builds

Bill Deegan bill at baddogconsulting.com
Fri Dec 16 20:44:24 EST 2016


Look at TARGET_ARCH and TARGET_HOST in the manpage.
In your case (Windows & msvc I'm assuming) TARGET_ARCH will set the
appropriate flags.

For other platforms/compilers you'll have to set the appropriate flags (see
Jason's response), if gcc it's basically -m32 -m64.
Though you may want to add other flags to set -march if you have a limited
set of target cpus.

Co-Manager, SCons project

On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 1:19 PM, Rob Boehne <robb at datalogics.com> wrote:

> All,
> I’ve inherited a complicated cross-platform build in SCons, involving
> swig, C++, C# and Java.   On all platforms but windows, it uses a
> command-line argument to the compiler to generate code for 64-bit or
> 32-bit.  Under windows however, it runs the “vcvarsall.bat” with the
> appropriate argument, and then goes through some machinations to get the
> variables it sets into the scons environment.
> Is this even a little bit necessary?  What is the canonical method for
> specifying 32 or 64-bit code generation?
> Thanks
> Robert Boehne
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