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I'll try to answer this because its an interesting use of scons.
Looking at the project [http://sourceforge.net/p/rsf/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/framework/rsf/proj.py#l456]rsf.proj.Flow has a workdir argument. This might be what you are looking for.
I believe that variant_dir is only good with Sconscript (at least that's the way I use it)


     On Thursday, March 19, 2015 9:58 AM, Sven Lars Tobias Stål <smp428 at alumni.ku.dk> wrote:

 Dear all, 

I’m using SCons to create workflows for geophysics processing. A typical SConstruct looks like this:

from rsf.proj import *
Flow("spike1","spike","sfadd scale=4.0")
Plot("spike",'sfgraph title="spike" ' )
Plot("spike1",'sfgraph title="spike1" ')
Plot("noise",'sfgraph title="noisy" ')
Result("noise",'sfgraph title="noisy" pclip=75 ')

Using Flow to call a Madagascar program and plot and result to generate figures. Flow(‘output’,’input’,’program parameters')

However, I’m generating large amounts of files (10-100 000 up to 100Gb) everything works fine, but my pwd becomes completely clogged…
Is there a way (using variant_dir? stdout? Or anything better?) so that I can put my intermediate files in subdirectories. In quasi code it could look like:

from rsf.proj import *
Flow(“\spikes\spike1","spike","sfadd scale=4.0")
Plot(“\spikes\spike",'sfgraph title="spike" ' )
Plot(“\spikes\spike1",'sfgraph title="spike1" ')
Plot(“\noise\noise",'sfgraph title="noisy" ')
Result(“noise",'sfgraph title="noisy" pclip=75 ')

I still want’t to use only one SConstruct file for better overview. Is this possible? 

I’m grateful for any advice!

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