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William Roberts bill.c.roberts at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 21:03:30 EDT 2015

So I have a heiarchical biuld going on, my SConstruct defines this method
that is exported to my SConscripts

def buildSharedLibrary(*args, **kwargs):
        l = env.SharedLibrary(*args, **kwargs)
        x = env.Install(libdir, l)
        return [l, x]

So all my shared libraries end up in out/lib

I am currently trying to make a swig wrapper, and my SConstruct defines:

buildSharedLibrary('_miniat.so', 'src/miniat.i', LIBS=['miniat'], CPPPATH=[
INC, distutils.sysconfig.get_python_inc() ], SHLIBPREFIX="",

Which builds the wrapper into a shared object just fine. However, swig
outputs a generated python file at:

What I am trying to do, is get SCons to install this into the SharedLibrary
directory, but it doesn't seem to be ommited here:
l = env.SharedLibrary(*args, **kwargs)

How can I get that generated file output where I want it?


William C Roberts
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