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Michael Lahnert michael.lahnert at ipvs.uni-stuttgart.de
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Hello everyone,
after I failed to write the mail-address of the scons-users - mailing
list properly I will forward the mail.

Best regards

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Subject: Re: [Scons-dev] Question regarding env.Glob()
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Hello Dirk, hello everyone,

On Thu, 2015-01-29 at 20:15 +0100, Dirk Bächle wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> On 29.01.2015 17:22, Michael Lahnert wrote:
> > Is there a reason for omitting the cwd-parameter from the Glob-Function
> > in the environment class?

[with respect to the FS base class which is the function that the
Glob()-Function is calling, ML]

> the reason for this is, that setting the current working directory is not required. Even though the Node.FS.FS class supports this 
> parameter, since it's written in a more generic fashion, the reading phase ensures that the CWD is always set to the folder of the 
> currently parsed SConscript. In fact, large portions of the parsing phase rely on this...
> Does this help you further?

I'm no longer sure this is a subject that belongs on the dev list. So I
will reply to the users-list as well.

What I want to do is build a shared-library-bundle in various flavours
(e. g. debug/release, use different compilers, whatever) consisting of
several modules.
As long as I don't introduce any hierarchy inside the modules I am fine,
I can do something like it's described in
Instead of hard-coding all the source - files into my SConscript file I
can simply call Glob(), set the duplicate-option of the
variantDir-function to 0 and it will work just fine.

But now what is the "scons way" of compiling something like I sketched
       |- *.cpp
       |- *.hpp
       |- *.cpp
       |- *.hpp

Best regards
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