[Scons-users] Disambiguating Entry in variant directory

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Thu Jan 29 14:28:19 EST 2015

Hi Ilya,

On 29.01.2015 13:01, Ilya L wrote:
> Sorry, I used the *over*simplified example, that bumps into a different
> issue due to variant directory being under source directory. The
> following one is closer to reality:
> $ cat sconstruct
> VariantDir('#build', '#source')
> Dir('#source/foo')
> Dir('#build').glob('*')

can you please tell us what kind of output you would expect from this? If SCons would run through successfully (without the 
offending error message) which folders/sources should exist afterwards?

I still don't understand which of the Nodes above is your actual target, and what you're trying to accomplish in general. So some 
more infos in this direction would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot in advance, and best regards,


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