[Scons-users] Installing libraries

Stijn De Ruyck Stijn.DeRuyck at onsemi.com
Wed Jan 28 12:39:01 EST 2015


I would like to create a self-contained distributable directory "dist" including all executables, config files, docs and 3rd party libraries.

The problem I have is these 3rd party libraries can be installed in different locations on different developer machines, so I don't want to hardcode paths in SConstruct. I could try and fix that, but I wondered if there is a more flexible SCons approach to this?

I short: I want to translate

env.Append(LIBS = [

into a list of actual path names that I can use in

env.Install("#dist/"+env['build']+"/lib/"," ??? ")

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Stijn De Ruyck
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