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Roman Karlstetter Roman.Karlstetter at ifta.com
Thu Jan 15 04:41:32 EST 2015


sorry for spamming the list, but after thinking a bit more about my problem, I think I am getting closer (understanding things better). I can do code generation in my source file collection phase. The result is (like in your example) that the generated file is put into build dir which makes sense, at least for the build. 

However, there is a drawback which prevents me from doing this: I want to have the generated files in my original src folder, because of IDE integration (browsing code and code completion). Any ideas how I could achieve that?


Re: [Scons-users] Code generation dependency problem (14-Jan-2015 23:33)
From:   Dirk Bächle
To:SCons users mailing list

Hi Roman,

sorry for the late reply...if you're still interested in this problem find a working example attached please. I moved the 
'input.txt' to the 'src' folder, where all compilation is taking place now.
When working with variant dirs it's a good idea to start by getting things to work properly in the 'src' folder only. Make sure that 
you Builders are working on local filenames only, such that they can easily get prepended by the variant_dir if required. After 
that, all you need to do is include the 'src/SConscript' with the variant_dir(s) you need from the global SConstruct...and you're done.

Hope this helps you further.

Best regards,


On 22.12.2014 14:56, Roman Karlstetter wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry for the delay, but now I have a minimal example which illustrates my problem.
> It somehow has to do with the way that I collect my source files, but I don't see an obvious way how I could solve this.
> Find attached a sample project to reproduce the problem. Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Roman
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